Printed Praise

Or, What My Mother Reads

Life Sucks

Theatre J

"Judith Ingber crackles with a flood tide of emotion as Sonia"

- Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post

"...played with utter authenticity and heart by Judith Ingber"

- MD Theatre Guide

"As Sonia, Vanya's niece, Judith Ingber gives us the inner life of a girl whose fantasy life is as vivid and racy - nay, more - than we could ever imagine."

- Broadway World


Theatre J

"Judith Ingber is particularly good in portraying various shtetl women, especially Pesha, the stony local shopkeeper whom Avigdor marries for purely practical reasons."

- Peter Marks, The Washington Post

"Judith Ingber set[s] herself apart for her fine melodic lines—when she isn’t burning Avigdor’s ear as Pesha, of course."

- MD Theatre Guide

A Lump of Coal

Adventure Theatre

"Ingber is a delight"

- DC Metro Theatre Arts

"..her disguises and voice impersonations are hilarious.."

- MD Theatre Review

"...a director, a chef, and a curator all played devilishly well by Judith Ingber..."

- DC Theatre Scene

Bus Stop

Olney Theatre Center

"And most noteworthy is Judith Ingber who gives a beautifully understated, naturalistic performance as Elma Duckworth"

- The Washington Blade

"Truly ginger playing by a splendidly balanced cast"

- Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post


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