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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

One of my goals this year is to try stand up comedy for the first time (and possibly the last depending on how ripe the tomatoes are). If there are only going to be gatherings of less than 50 people for the remainder of 2020 I'm sure comedy open mics will somehow make the cut.

But do I let my loved ones come to my first stand up set ever? Is it worth risking potential celibacy or disinheritance post tight ten* or will I simply collapse into myself in shame. They'll have to sever our connection haltingly - as they emotionally distance, start exploring their options, and then finally leave me.

I'm also on the fence about revealing to the room that it'll be my first time. Will I garner goodwill or will it turn the audience** back to their drinks? Maybe if I support the other newbies than they'll feel like they'll have to support me in return, which is a tactic straight out of the musical theatre pay-to-play handbook by the way. That's right, I see you musical theatre ladies. I know your game and I'm not scared of you.*** PS insider NYC musical theatre references play really well yes?

But if there aren't any other new people, will the old hands support me?

I'm going to land on the side of saying nothing about it being my first time up there. Playing it safe opens up all kinds of possibilities for intimidation, which we all know is the artist's bread and butter. The other comedians don't know I don't know how to do the jokes. Too bad I'll have to back it up with actual jokes. Maybe I'll just sit in the audience, and ask everyone around me if they caught my set.

Well okay now that I've talked/wrote all this out I am genuinely excited to get out there and kick some comedy ass. See you at the bar in 2021.****

*loose five

**sad comedians

***yes i am

****by that time we'll laugh at anything

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